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Specializing in Cost Effective Development of PC-based and Embedded High Precision Measurement and Control Systems

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Typical Laser-based and Confocal Measurement Systems

  developed by Custom Lab Software Systems

90 Main St.

Unit 108B

Centerbrook, CT 06409          USA

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Custom Lab Software Systems



Production Test and Research Measurement Systems




 Laser-based Solid Fraction Measurement Systems to determine the solid fraction/porosity of ribbons and tablets (


 Laser-based system for SPC analysis of wood panel thickness during production operations


 Laser-based software for determination of score depth in cardboard materials


 Laser-based system for measurement of material growth and thermal expansion during metal deposition processes


 Laser-Based 3D Tire Profile Measurement System



Material science research tools


 Laser profilometer for detailed measurements of dimensional changes in construction materials









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