Specializing in Cost Effective Development of PC-based and Embedded High Precision Measurement and Control Systems

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Custom Lab Software Systems, Inc.

Custom Lab Software Systems has been developing computer-based measurement instruments to solve difficult industrial, engineering, and scientific measurement problems for a variety of companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Pfizer Inc., and General Electric since 1990.  We are ready to discuss how our expertise in software development and complex instrument design can benefit your projects, whether large or small.

General Expertise

  • Development of custom systems capable of accurate measurements at the lowest limits of sensor resolution.

  • Development of operator-friendly, intuitive user interfaces for use by minimally trained operators using applications performing complex operations.

  • LabViewTM software development- Certified LabView Developer on staff

  • Microsoft .NET software development – Microsoft Certified Windows Developer on staff

  • Data acquisition, monitoring and control systems, specializing in cost-effective, easy to use graphical interfaces, complete with statistical process control where appropriate.

Specialized Expertise - Optically Based Measurement Systems

  • State of the art measurement systems using white light confocal-based technology and precision motion control to obtain micron and sub-micron level 3D measurements on a variety of target materials

  • Development of laser and white-light confocal-based systems for industrial process control and quality control applications

  • Development of specialized algorithms to remove high frequency, arbitrary conveyor motion from laser-based 3D data in order to resolve defects and other features much smaller than the amplitude of the motion