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Click on any thumbnail below to view a full size image, and a description of the project.

Click on any thumbnail below to view a full size image, and a description of the project.

Some of Our Projects

Manufacturing Process Control

Multiple laser system for measuring critical process parameters during polyurethane foam manufacturing

Laser-based system for precise triggering of cutoff operations on polyurethane foam buns during manufacturing operations

Laser-based precision wood panel measurement system with SPC process control functionality

White light confocal-based optical slurry measurement system utilized in optical component manufacturing

Laser-based thickness measurement system used as feedback in plasma spray coating system.

Laser-based application for determination of score depth in cardboard materials

Manufacturing Quality Control

Laser-based system for pre-shipment verification of dimensions of home replacement windows

3D white light confocal system used to determine the shape of a flexible membrane used in a microbial colony imaging system

Dual 3D white confocal measurement software used to determine the thickness of corneal implants

Material Science and Product Development Research

White light confocal sensor-based 3D form and thickness measurement system for material science research

Laser-based profilometer for measuring surface and thickness changes of materials subject to environmental stresses.

Laser based system for real-time monitoring of the response of building material samples to environmental changes.

3D Real-time tire wear measurement system


Laser-based Solid Fraction Measurement Systems for use in pharmaceutical R&D and production. See www.SolidFraction.com

Tablet punch contamination study utilizing white light confocal measurement sensor

Lumber Industry

Multiple laser system for precise measurement of each incoming piece of lumber at lumber mills


Wide variety of laser-based systems for use in jet engine assembly operations

Acceptance test software for column force sensor for C-141 transport planes

Burner control system for turbine blade testing

Induction heating control system 

Measurement systems for verification of jet engine alignment


ABS (Automatic Braking System) life test system

Fault tolerant process control system for industrial oven control

Measurement system for production testing of automotive oxygen sensors

Production test system for automotive pressure sensors


Acceptance test system for biomedical instrument calibrator

Automated system for testing biomedical pumps

Research system for operating room physiological measurements 


Experimental chemical reactor control systems

Measurement and control software for plastics materials research

Automated chemical analysis system for beverage production research study

Computer and Semi-conductor

Alignment system for high capacity tape drives

Automated test system for photo resist dispensing pumps

Automated system for semiconductor wafer testing

Measurement and control circuitry for semi-conductor process control


Life cycle test software for electromechanical switch assemblies

Life cycle test system for motor controllers/thermal protectors

Thermistor, thermocouple, and RTD characterization and calibration systems

Monitoring/logging system for safety analysis of lighting fixtures

Automated system for detection of electronic surveillance devices

Heat Treatment and Foundries

Infrared temperature data logging system

Load tracking, process monitoring, and hardness test system for heat treat facility

Heat treat process verification system 

Scientific Research

3D Dual confocal measurement system for detailed mapping of tomato leaf thickness

Data acquisition/control system for fluorescent luminometer

Acquisition/analysis systems for neuro-physiological research

Research system for operating room physiological measurements

Research system for psycho-physiological research